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Camtasia Studio
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TechSmith Camtasia Studio Computer Software
Camtasia takes you from screen recording to finished video
Camtasia lets you record a video of what’s on your computer screen. Use it to make lessons, tutorials, or product demos. Turn your screen recordings into compelling videos with Camtasia’s video editing tools, animations, and effects.

A screen recorder that captures exactly what you need every time
Record whatever part of your screen you need, down to the pixel. Camtasia’s precise crosshairs make it simple to capture windows, regions, or your entire desktop.

A video editor that gives you total control
Your screen recordings don’t have to be perfect in a single take. Camtasia’s video editor makes it painless to cut out mistakes or patch in new footage. With the editing timeline, you have control over every frame in your video. And if you change your mind, Camtasia will always save your original footage, even if you’ve cut clips.TechSmith Camtasia Studio Computer Software
Video effects that let you draw attention to what’s most important.
Help your audience stay focused on all the important parts of your screencasts. Add animations, quizzes, and more to draw in your audience. Then, save elements you repeat a lot, so you can stay consistent across projects.

Callouts - Arrows, cursor effects, keystrokes, sketch motion illustrations, text boxes, highlights, blur, and more--help you get your point across.

Quizzing (PC Only) - Check comprehension with a quiz. Camtasia quizzes are SCORM-compliant, so they’ll play nice with your LMS or grade book.

Zoom, Pan, & SmartFocus - Use panning and zooming to direct viewers’ attention by showing only what’s important. Or, let SmartFocus do the work for you.

Green Screen - Camtasia’s chroma key effect removes the background color of any video. Layer it on top of your recording to put yourself right in your video.

TechSmith Camtasia Studio Computer Software

The screen-capture video tool Camtasia Studio has long balanced a strong set of features with a friendly interface and graceful learning curve. Version 8 continues the tradition with cool, new features that don’t bog down the app with any additional complexity. New and advanced users both should be able to learn the software and start producing professionally looking videos in little time.A powerful, yet easy-to-use screen recorder, Camtasia helps you create more professional videos without having to be a video pro. Easily record your screen movements and actions, or import HD video from a camera or other source. Customize and edit content both on Mac and Windows platforms, and share your videos with viewers on nearly any device.

TechSmith Camtasia Studio Computer Software

TechSmith Camtasia Studio Computer Software

What’s New in v8.6.0 ? (Released 25 August 2015)
  • Added Vimeo production preset
  • Added support for 24-bit and 32-bit audio decoding
  • Fixed issue related to AVCHD
  • Added capability to extract media streams from TREC recordings
  • Improvements and bug fixes for the TechSmith Smart Player
  • Fixed some scenarios that resulted in a crash on start-up
  • Bug fixes for YouTube and Google Drive outputs
  • Other minor bugs fixes
System Requirements:

For Windows
Camtasia Studio:
  • Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 (Recommended: 64 Bit versions)
  • Microsoft DirectX 9 or later version Microsoft .NET 4.0 (included)
  • Dual-core processor minimum ~ Recommended: Quad-core processor or better
  • 2 GB RAM minimum (Recommended: 4 GB or more 2 GB of hard-disk space for program installation)
  • Display dimensions of 1024x768 or greater
  • Dedicated Windows-compatible sound card, microphone, and speakers (Recommended)
Feature-specific requirements:
  • Camtasia Studio Add-in for PowerPoint requires PowerPoint 2007 (32-bit) or PowerPoint 2010 or 2013 (32-bit or 64-bit)  
  • Import of .mov and production to .mov and .m4v requires Apple QuickTime 7.2 or later
  • Playback using the Smart Player is supported on Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari 5.1+, iOS 6+, Android 4+ (Chrome for Android Recommended)
  • Camera video recording requires a USB Web Camera. Recording live from a DV camera is not supported
  • Integration with TechSmith Relay requires TechSmith Relay Client Recorder
  • GPU acceleration requires DirectX 9 compatible video adapter with 128 MB of video memory or greater and Pixel Shader 2.0 or later
For Mac
Camtasia for Mac:
  • Mac computer with an Intel processor (Recommended: Dual core 2.0GHz or faster)
  • Mac OS X 10.9 or later
  • Quartz Extreme support (rendering is not supported on external USB monitors)
  • 2GB of RAM (Recommended: 4GB of RAM or greater)
  • 4GB of available disk space (minimum)
  • QuickTime X or later
  • Playback using the Smart Player is supported on Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari 5.1+, iOS 6+, Android 4+ (Chrome for Android recommended)
// Installation Notes //
The online check has been updated so that the cracking method of modifying the hosts file no longer works. So this is the newest solution:
  1. Download the latest version of Camtasia Studio from official site
  2. Close your Internet connection (just pull your network cable out)
  3. Open the hosts file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\) and add the following lines and save, exit:
  6. Install Camtasia Studio and use the keygen to generate a license key to register (the ‘Name’ field can be anything you like)
  7. After installing, open ‘RegInfo.ini‘ file (C:\ProgramData\TechSmith\Camtasia Studio 8\) and edit it as following:
  • [RegistrationInfo]
  • (or any name)
  • RegistrationKey=ACHSC-PFCCM-AM3CH-CDM4C-X443M (or any serials generated by the keygen)
  • ValidationData1=1
  • ValidationData2=1
  • ValidationData3=1
  • ValidationData4=1
  • ValidationData5=1
  • Save file, all done, enjoy!
*** Important! First of all, delete all hosts entries that were previously added, e.g.:

Additional Suggested Settings:
  1. Open Camtasia Studio, go to ‘Tools\Options…\Upgrade Options‘, and uncheck the ‘Enable automatic upgrade check‘ and ‘Prompt before upgrade check‘ options
  2. Go to ‘Help us improve‘ tab, and select ‘No, thank you.‘ (because it will send anonymous data to TechSmith servers)
  3. To make sure it’s absolutely blocked, you can also block its outgoing accesses using your antivirus’s firewall:
  • IP in your firewall: (hostname: as mentioned
// Prompts //
Do not unblock them, since the application continuously tries to access them to validate the activation code. Alternatively, If you do not wish to use the online features of the application, you can completely block the application in your firewall.

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